Window Roller Shutters

We offer a range of options to suit your home and budget and can tailor make to your exact needs. All roller shutters are made to measure and are installed neatly and precisely to the highest of standards. You can rest assured you are getting the best in the industry.


Window Roller Shutters not only offer protection and peace of mind, they provide a more comfortable and environmentally friendly environment. By blocking the heat and glare of the sun before it hits the windows, your home stays cooler during summer, while the insulating properties of roller shutters keep your home warmer in winter.


The list of benefits you get from roller shutters is endless. Roller shutters not only present an immediate visible deterrent, protecting your home against burglary and vandalism but can be used to control the amount of noise, heat and light that enters the home.



The lightweight yet extremely strong curtain area consists of an aluminium skin injected with polyurethane foam for added strength and insulation qualities. The slat is coated with a polyester ABR (abrasion resistant) coating to avoid scratching and to withstand harsh climatic conditions. Slats are available in a range of colours to suit most applications. The head box material is a two part aluminium section designed to completely enclose the working parts of the shutter. The box has excellent corrosion resistance due to the high grade aluminium alloy used and the exceptional coating qualities. The box and guides come in 5 standard colours that suits most applications but can be powder coated to match any colour.



 Window Roller shutters have great thermal insulation properties that reduce the harsh effects of our Queensland summer heat as well as retaining the warmth during the colder winter months. This not only will reduce the energy costs of heating and cooling your home but helps reduce the damaging effects on the environment.


Light & Noise

Window Roller Shutters have an overall affect in the reduction of noise levels from outside or inside the home. Light and ventilation can be adjusted to prevent the sunlight from fading carpets and furnishings while still allowing air to circulate creating a pleasant, softly lit atmosphere. Perfect for that home cinema or shift worker.



Window Roller Shutters offer great privacy day or night. The shutter is quietly adjusted to provide you with an uninterrupted view when it is fully open or complete block out when it is closed or anywhere in between.


Storm Protection

Roller shutters offer a physical barrier against driving rain, high winds and flying debris. Roller shutters are especially effective against hail, protecting the glass from breakage and possible personal injury.



Roller shutters are operated from within your home for convenience and security. We offer a number of control options, again to suit any application or budget. Roller shutters can be operated either manually, electrically or with the E-Series Drive System.