Patio Roller Shutters

This shutter has been specifically designed for increased strength and security for commercial uses through to domestic, high wind or high-risk applications which makes it ideal for patio or verandah applications.


Imagine having an outdoor area you can use all year round no matter what the climate or weather may be doing. Plan BBQs and events without the worry of having to cancel at the last minute because the weather has turned.


Your patio or verandah can be fully enclosed with Roller Shutters so your outdoor area becomes an indoor area with the simple flick of a switch. Roller shutters can be up and virtually totally out of sight when the weather is good and adjusted to any length to block out and control heat, light, wind and rain no matter what the season and keep the warmth in during winter.



The patio roller shutter incorporates the 40mm high density foam slat, restrained slat insert and heavy duty guides. This design incorporates the benefits of the High Density Foam to secure the specially designed restrained slat inserts. These inserts are designed to integrate with the guide section and actually form a positive and structural connection with the guide.


The slat insert is restrained into the guide profile. This restraining design considerably increases the force needed to disengage the slat from the guide. The slat may deflect slightly, as is common, however once it reaches a certain point the inserts will act on two flanges in the guide and this will reduce the deflection.  


The Guide has been designed to handle the added forces that the slat will place on it. The wall thickness has been increased and overall engagement has been increased to allow for the restraining insert.


Each insert is securely fastened using two 25mm long screws pilot drilled and fixed directly into the High Density Foam of the HDF slat. The inserts are fitted to every alternate slat in the curtain and whilst this may appear to be a time consuming exercise, the results are quite remarkable.


The Patio Shutter Series has been designed to produce a markedly stronger version of a standard shutter within the size range of a standard shutter.


The Patio Roller Shutter is available in white, cream, sand and black.



This shutter can be operated by most standard Roller Shutter operating systems. Patio Roller Shutters can be operated either manually, electrically, or with the E-Series Drive System.