Retractable Shade

The simplicity of this spring operated system makes this product more cost effective, while still using high quality components allowing widths of 900mm to 3800mm. This shade blind is available in Vistaweave and Vistascreen fabrics and is welded using high frequency and hot wedge techniques to create a professional finish and more aesthetically appealing joins compared with stitching.


The shade blind is made from a 60mm aluminium keyway tube with 750 mm, 1200mm or 1800mm spring assembly depending on the drop and width of the blind. This enables automatic, reliable and efficient operation of the blind. This tube is then mounted to the wall by strong universal zinc coated brackets, with the option of powder coating available at a premium.


The rectangle aluminium bottom bar, which is enclosed in a welded pocket, can be locked down at three different levels by the attaching tonneau straps to the six tonneau buttons supplied.