Are you fighting an uphill battle trying to stop that unrelenting Queensland heat from entering your home. You’ve tried block out curtains, window tinting and internal blinds but nothing seems to make a difference. Haven’t got the time to wait for trees or shrubs to grow.


Here at Superior Roller Shutters and blinds it’s a problem we hear all too often. Window roller shutters offer superior protection from the suns heat and glare. The slat we use for the curtain of the roller shutter is a double walled cavity, curved profile injected with a polyurethane foam, creating an 8.7mm thick wall of insulation, similar in style to a cool room. In addition to this there is an air gap between the shutter and window which gives added insulating properties all of which when combined can provide up to 90% reduction in thermal transfer through the covered window.


All of this helps to reduce heat build up in the house which in turn reduces the work load placed onto air conditioners and will translate into real energy savings.


Of course these principles work the opposite during winter and can make it considerably quicker, easier and cheaper to heat your home when the mercury is dropping.


By installing window roller shutters on your home you will be decreasing your energy consumption and providing a more comfortable environment within the home for your family.